Field Courses in Marine Biology


Field Courses in Marine Biology

Please note: There will be no courses offered in 2017 due to restructuring measures.

Student Courses: Dive into Marine Biology!

Our marine biology courses at the field station of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences on the Island of Elba are mainly attended by biology students. However, our courses are open to all persons interested, be it graduates or undergraduates of other faculties, or non-students.


Marine biology courses and excursions on the Island of Elba, Italy

Since 1996 years more than ten thousand participants have joined the courses and excursions at our field station Centro Marino Elba on the Island of Elba. There are two types of course offers: marine biology classes with individual registration and field excursions of schools and university groups. Generally from March to October we run various marine biology and land-bound courses for students with the focus on biology, geography, and related fields. Non-students are also welcome to attend the courses.

Apply as a certified diver or learn SCUBA diving during the course

You can participate in our marine biology courses as a certified SCUBA diver or join the integrated SCUBA diving class. Already certified divers follow a separate diving program during the diving course time.

ECTS credits - from 2011 on there are courses officially accredited by the University of Tübingen

The content of our 10-days classes is structured according to the ETCS modules and is therefore easily comprehensible for the respective examination office of the home university. Many universities already recognize the participation in HYDRA field courses with credit points. The participants receive a graded certificate after having successfully completed all parts of the course. Courses at the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences are officially integrated into the curricula for bio- and geosciences at the University of Tübingen/Germany. Our research coordinator Dr. Miriam Weber has an appointment as guest lecturer and is responsible for the certification. Each course is recommended to be rated with 3 ETCS credit points given the participants fullfillment of the following requirements: regular attendance of all course hours, successful completion and exams for practical and theoretical units of the SCUBA diving course (if applicable), or preparation of a report of underwater observations, a short presentation and a written report during the course. With additional work (e.g. more detailled course report, presentation at home university) some universities give up to 5 credit points for the participation in one of our courses.

New modules on diving as a scientific method (6 ECTS)

There are two modules "Marine Biology Diving Skills" available which where developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Nico Michiels from the University of Tübingen and are integrated in the curricula for Bachelor and Master students of bio- and geosciences. These modules provide a comprehensive diver training in a marine scientific context. The modules "Basic Field Course*" and "Advanced Field Course**" take three weeks each and are accredited with 6 ECTS each at the University of Tübingen. The modules are also open for the participation of external students. With additional work (e.g. more detailled course report, presentation at home university) some universities give additional credit points for the participation in the modules.


Course schedule 2015:

There are integrated diving courses (VDTL/CEDIP/CMAS bronze*) in each marine biology course. You can either participate as certified SCUBA diver or attend a complete diving course. Certified divers attend a simultaneously running dive program.

There is no registration deadline to our courses. As soon as the maximum number of participants is reached the course will be announced as full or supplemented with a waiting list on our registration site.

If you think about organizing a group from your university please contact our office for futher planning and tips about accreditation.

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