The HYDRA Network

Between 1987 and 1995 several private research institutions and consulting companies united under the name of HYDRA. Thus an international network for services, research and training in aquatic and environmental sciences was created, in which the expertise from different fields merges.

HYDRA is the partner of several universities and research institutions. The HYDRA institutes and offices provide advice and consulting for mass media, environment agencies, water management commissions and national park authorities in Europe.
The sites of our activities range from glacial streams to hydropower reservoirs, from big rivers into the sea. We take care of status reports, restoration concepts, environmental information programs, scientific diving, marine biology excursions, and the supportive training for universities and schools.

We develop the basis for problem solving, political decisions and planning using methods of applied aquatic research, from taxonomic analysis to the implementation into geographical information systems. Being involved in numerous media projects helps us to communicate events and results in a depictive way. Thus we mediate "the water things" easily accessible both to experts and the common public.